Where Are All The Quality Single Men?

Please watch this video before reading the text and doing the exercises.

Link to study referred to in the video:

Meeting contexts of heterosexual couples in Switzerland, 1995-2018


Finding men to date

Here are the places shown in the study where most people meet their partners:

    1. Through friends
    2. Online
    3. Through work or work-related activities
    4. At a bar or restaurant
    5. Through clubs, hobbies, or family

Which of these areas are you not making an effort in? Can you commit to one or 2 actions you could take, to extend your search? For example, arrange a barbecue or outing for single friends of your friends; create an online profile; join the social activities club at work.

Spot your pattern

Make a list of the last 3 men you met. Can you spot the common factor in what happened or how they ended? Can you identify from the video, what the issue may be? Here are the categories for your convenience:

  • One date only and he ghosts you
  • The men you meet are disappointing
  • You get friend-zoned
  • You cannot even get a single date

How can love find you, instead of you searching (from the video)?

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