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Find the man of your dreams. Create a conscious, magical relationship. Side-step drama, break-ups and repeating patterns! Here's how.

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Sandy L.

"I found Veronica almost by accident. Almost a year ago I decided to embark on a journey to find a new relationship in my life (after a divorce) and it was suggested she could help to ‘clear the way’.

Little did I realise that with Veronica I would go on a path of profound healing that would touch on all the most sensitive and significant areas and events of my life. Veronica is a gifted therapist. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I definitely would not embark on a new relationship without the healing work that she is able to facilitate.

This is especially true if one wishes to avoid all the old traps and the replaying of old stories that lead to the same place of heartache over and over again. With Veronica, a fresh beginning is truly possible."

Katie A

"I was struggling to get a handle on coping with the narcissist in my life… our last session has enabled me to stop feeling like I have to please him all the time.

I don’t know what but something has shifted in our household! I don’t feel like I’m walking on eggs…"

Gail F

"…even though I’m a therapist, I’ve never been able to get to the bottom of my relationship struggles.

In one session, you helped me see what I couldn’t see myself, where my patterns were coming from…"